The Janitor's Daughter

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Protein packed Banana Bran Muffins!
About to go in the oven, should be delicious as usual. Will post the recipe in a bit! They’re a great pre-workout snack & full of fiber.
The plan: Freeze and make them ‘grab & go’. They taste best fresh & warm, but if you freeze them right away they retain moisture & flavor when thawed. Separating them in 2’s, and they should last the next week or so. Made extra since I’ve found that muffin thieves (a.k.a. my friends) sneak & snack more often than they’d like to admit. :)
UPDATE: Recipe posted here.
Are you doing any baking this weekend?
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I could write a book…. (by il chirurgo matto )

Letters to MY Daughter Volume 1, Issue 1

Dear Daughter,

When asked to describe myself, I often begin with this:

I am the proud mother of a 15 year old daughter.  The doctor’s estimated that she would be born on February 28, 1997.  Six months and one week later, my daughter entered in to the world.  She weighed one pound and about 11 ounces.  The doctors told me, with somber faces, that she probably wouldn’t make it through the night.  The next day, they stated if she survived, there was a 90% chance she would be brain damaged.

15 years later, she is perfectly healthy and attending a premier boarding school where she received a scholarship.

You came in to this world early and ready to begin this thing we call life.  You are smart, beautiful, kind and God filled.  I think of you many times throughout the day and give God thanks for having His hand on your life.  You inspire me beyond measure and I look forward to seeing the woman that you are becoming.  I always tell people that I might worry about a lot of things, but you are not one of them.

Being your parent is and always will be the highlight of my life.  Your birth defined the beginning of me understanding my purpose on this earth.  I was put here to conceive you and be your guide.  I know and understand on some truly high level, that as my child you don’t belong to me, but that I belong to you.  My purpose is to show you the possibilities before you.  This world can be cruel and oppressive, but I have to teach you that none of that matters to God’s children.  You have no limits, there is no ceiling, you can and will do whatever you desire.


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Guacamole isn’t just one of our favorite ways to enjoy avocados, but it’s a delicious and healthy crowd-pleaser that’s always one of the first things to disappear after you set it out at a party. Here’s our favorite recipe:

3 Avocados, peeled and diced
3 Roma tomatoes,…

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Andre 3 Stacks!

Andre…what it do???
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Today’s Mantra: Be who you want to be.
Often times, we act on the world in ways to make others SEE us in a certain light, not necessarily true to our authentic selves. Sometimes, we make decisions about our clothing, hair, friends, music and more with the intention to influence the way others view us.
At the end of the day, nothing you do can change the way people see you: people only see the world through their own filters, filters you don’t have control over. But you can change the way you see yourself.
Focus inward a little bit more today, and ask yourself if the way you see yourself is how you’d like to. If not, remind yourself that you have the power to change that!
Permalink Washington, the first leader of the Tuskegee Institute, was one of the most influential African Americans of his era. He encouraged the black community to focus on avocations that would bring economic stability, rather than full civil rights.
-Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
I enjoy my “full civil rights” on most days, but I think I could and would appreciate the economic stability even more.
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